Updates and corrections for the Jesus Trail guidebook: Hiking the Jesus Trail and Other Biblical Walks in the Galilee, by Anna Dintaman and David Landis

  • p. 81: A small snack shop in front of the military area before Golani Junction is open periodically.
  • p. 93: It was Reynald de Chatillon, not Raymond, who was taken before Saladin and offered water.
  • p. 106: A recently installed bridge eliminates the need to use the staples on the main route (blazed white/black/white and white/blue/orange) descending the Arbel Cliffs, as shown in the photo on p. 107.  This is the most difficult section of the trail, now much more accessible.
  • p. 109: The recently discovered synagogue at Wadi Hamam has been unearthed and is well visible from the Mt. Arbel lookout.
  • p. 110-111 (J7): Just beyond Migdal, a new picnic area near the spring “En Nun” is a nice place for a picnic lunch or primitive campsite.
  • p. 110: Karei Deshe’s phone number has changed to: 02-594-5633
  • p. 116: Tabgha’s hours are: (M-F:8-5, Sat:8-3), closed Sunday
  • p. 120: Church of the Primacy of St. Peter is open on Sunday
  • p. 122: Capernaum is open on Sunday
  • p. 128: Bathrooms at Jordan River park may be closed during the winter
  • p. 134: Bathrooms at the beaches near Kursi may be closed during the winter
  • p. 138: The Ein Gev grocery store is the only reliable place to buy supplies along the route on the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee
  • p. 162: A new B&B with dorms exists in Kfar Kish: Tabor Land Guest House
  • p. 162: Mt. Tabor Inn is now closed
  • p. 172 & 176: There is no water on Mt. Deborah, and the water symbol on both chapters’ elevation tables should be removed. Closest water sources are in Nazareth Ilit and Deburiya.
  • p. 176-177: If walking the route in reverse, the road sign for the right turn from Ma’ale Yitshak to Derekh HaGalil may be difficult to see or may be missing.  The turn is right after the McDonalds if coming from the west.
  • p. 232: Karei Deshe’s phone number has changed to: 02-594-5633
  • p. 232: Mt. Tabor Inn is now closed

If you have any additional updates, comments or corrections that would helpful to us, please email David at david@jesustrail.com.  Thanks!