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Churches in Nazareth

Christ Church

Christian Brethren Assembly

Coptic Church

English Hospital Chapel

Evangelical Baptist Church in Nazareth (Nazareth Baptist Church)

Greek Orthodox Church

  • Leader:  Father Bishara Warwar, Father Naddaf
  • Contact:  04-6576437
  • Meeting Time:  Mass every weekday 6am & 6pm, Saturday and Sunday Mass at 8:30am
  • Location:  Map and Walking Directions from Fauzi Azar Inn
  • Note:  Services in Arabic only

Local Baptist Church

Maronite Church

Melkite Catholic (Greek)

Nazarene Church

Nazareth Church of Christ

  • Leader:  Maurice Jad’on
  • Contact:  972-4-6579527
  • Meeting Times:  Sunday worship 10am and 6pm

New Life Baptist

  • Leader:  Pastor Suheil Said
  • Contact:  04-6574576
  • Meeting Time:  Saturday worship 6:30pm

Reineh Brethren Church

Roman Catholic (Latin) Basilica of the Annunciation

  • Leader:  Father Amjad Sabara, Bishop Marcuzzo
  • Contact:  054-9706417
  • Open to Visitors:
    • Grotto:  5:45am to 9pm
    • Upper Basilica:  8am to 6pm
    • St. Joseph’s Church:  7am to 6pm
  • Masses:
    • Grotto:  Daily at 6:30am (Italian), Sundays at 7am, 6pm (Arabic), 5pm in winter
    • Upper Basilica:  Sundays at 10am (Arabic)
    • St. Joseph’s Church:  Daily 7:15am (Arabic), Sundays 8:30am (Arabic)
  • Prayer Times & Religious Services:
    • Daily:  Silent Prayer 6pm to 9pm
    • Tuesdays:  Nazareth’s Rosary 8:30pm to 9:30pm
    • Thursdays:  Eucharistic Adoration 8:30pm to 9:30pm
    • Saturdays:  Candlelight Procession 8:30pm to 9:30pm
    • Location:  Map and Walking Directions from Fauzi Azar Inn

Salesian Church

St. Gabriel Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation


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