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See what past clients are saying about their experience with Jesus Trail Tours:

“We really enjoyed the experience to explore the Galilee by hiking the trail. All of our hosts were absolutely friendly and gave us a warm welcome. The landscape was particularly breathtaking and the sights (like Zippori and Nebu Shueib) very interesting. Overall it was a great pleasure.  Thanks to Jesus Trail Tours for the detailed introduction and the perfect organization of our hike!”
– Julia and Roeven (Germany)

“Thank you so much for doing all of the work to arrange for our Jesus Trail hiking experience.  It was such a worthwhile adventure and something that I am very proud to have accomplished.  We were so impressed by your personal attentiveness and warm manner.  I really appreciated your encouragement and flexibility!”
-Patricia (USA)

“My compliments to the staff for briefings well done. Starting from our arrival to our departure all briefing were friendly, clear and concise. At any time any of the staff members would freely answer any of your questions. It gave you that “at home” feeling. The Inns that we stayed at on the trail were nice and the host and hostess were always friendly. On the third day hiking the temperature was in the mind 90s. As we arrived at Arbel, the owner met us with a large cold pitcher of lemonade.”
-Harald, Germany

“The accommodations were awesome, great hospitality!”
-University student (USA)

“Our every expectation was exceeded. We found the Jesus Trail inspiring. It will be a source of information on which we can draw for years to come.”
-Dwight (USA)

“The trail experience and book do a great job of integrating history, faith, culture and environmental issues– a wonderfully holistic experience!”
-University student (USA)

“I thought everything was wonderful.  I’d give it a 10 out of 10!”
-University student (USA)

“You can do it! I was intimidated at first by the idea of a 4-day hike, but it is very manageable and well worth it!”
-University student (USA)

“I would definitely recommend Jesus Trail Tours, not just to backpackers or to Biblical scholars, but to anybody seeking a challenging and equally positive experience in the Middle East.”
-University student (USA)

“I loved everything about the Jesus Trail.  It was the highlight of my cross-cultural.  My favorite part would have to be the places we stayed– they were so cool and very welcoming.”
-University student (USA)

“After 3 months in the Middle East I would rank the Jesus Trail as my favorite experience.  Pretty lofty statement considering all we’ve seen, but the physical, spiritual, and emotional connection with the trail is unmatched to anything else.”
-University student (USA)


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