Announcing the Jesus Trail Logo Contest – Earn $100

n6489952642_5715.jpgWe’re looking for a logo for the Jesus Trail and will pay $100 via PayPal. Submit your design by December 12. Feel free to forward this on to anyone who you feel might be interested.

Shapes and Symbols:

– Should represent something of the first century hiking Jesus: sandals, trails, hills and mountains (Tabor shape), trees (possibly olive), Arbel Cliffs shape, rising sun with rays
– We’d prefer not to have the cross as the symbol, but a subtle cross-related shape could work.
– We would like the logo to be framed in a square with concave sides (see photo at
– The words “Jesus Trail” could either be integrated into the logo or separately next to/under it

Color ideas:
– dark olive-ish green – trees, flora
– sandy orange – stone, dry dirt, sun
– deep brown/dark red – fresh, wet earth

The photos posted in this event on Facebook ( get you started with some images and colors.

Submit your image file either by posting it on this event on Facebook or by emailing it to Adobe PSD or AI files preferred. Good luck!