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Jesus Trail Shortcuts

Here are some helpful shortcuts for the Jesus Trail in case you are unable to finish some of the stages, or wish to walk a shorter distance.

Hiking Day 1: Nazareth to Cana (13.4 km):
●      Taxi from Nazareth to Zippori NP – ask Fauzi Azar staff for help (saves 7.8 km)
●      Bus #28A or 343 to Tsipori Branching stop, walk paved road into park entrance (saves 4.5 km)

Hiking Day 2: Cana to Lavi (14.4km):
●      Bus #28, 29, 30 and 431 from Cana to Tur’an entrance on highway 77, hike south up red trail to join Jesus Trail route (saves 4 km)
●      Bus #28, 29, 30, 31 and 431 from Cana to Golani Junction (saves 10km)

Hiking Day 3: Lavi to Moshav Arbel (13.7 km)
●      Taxi to from Lavi to Nebi Shu’eib (saves 6.1 km)
●      Walk the paved road from Nebi Shu’eib to Moshav Arbel (saves 4km)
●      Taxi from Nebi Shu’eib to Moshav Arbel (saves 9.6 km)

Hiking Day 4: Moshav Arbel to Capernaum
●      Walk back down from Moshav Arbel to Nakhal Arbel (blue trail) to reach Wadi Hamam (green trail) instead of going up and over the cliffs (saves 1km & easier walk)
●      Bus #841, 963, or 63 from Migdal entrance to Kfar Nakhum Junction (saves 6.9 km)

Calling a taxi:
●      Days 1-2: Nazareth to Golani Junction, call Maazen @ 04-6574076
●      Days 3-4: Golani Junction to Capernaum, call Chiki @ 050-7535661

*Note: Costs for these transfers are not included in the Jesus Trail Tours package.


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