Goodwill Ambassadors

Do you share the vision of the Jesus Trail?  Become a goodwill ambassador in your home region to help to spread the word about the Jesus Trail and participate in an international network of encouragement so the trail can continue to bless and challenge hikers and pilgrims while supporting the local community.

Would you like to share about the Jesus Trail at your place of worship, civic organization or other group?  Contact us for additional information.


We welcome volunteer interns on the Jesus Trail to help with a wide variety of as-needed tasks, including:

  • orienting hikers
  • blogging and enhancing our social networking presence
  • cleaning up trash along the trail
  • helping out at local accommodations
  • answering questions from prospective hikers
  • a variety of other tasks depending on your skill set

View internship information.


The Jesus Trail exists thanks to many volunteers around the world who have believed in the project!

One of our primary areas of need is in cleaning and protecting the local environment from pollution.  There is a huge need in local communities for environmental education, recycling centers, and anti-littering campaigns.  There are areas of the Jesus Trail that are sadly in need of cleaning, which would require hiring heavy moving equipment to dispose of industrial and construction waste.

Don’t allow such an international treasure to be buried under trash!  Help educate communities to care for the unique and historically important ecology in the Galilee.