A First-Century Packing List

Mission Update:
With the send-off date for the 1st-century Jesus Trail experience (see blog entry from Jan. 21) set for this Monday, Feb. 14, our brave couple, Philip and Betsy, are finishing preparations for the journey ahead.

Here they are next to the clothes they will be wearing.  The headpiece, robe, shawl, and staff are all handmade.  And to complete the ensemble, they will be wearing the quintessential 1st-century footwear: sandals!

They will need ample supplies for the 3-day trek.  Pictured is a metal pot for cooking, burlap sacks, an animal skin for carrying water, and the 1st century’s duct tape: rope.

Perhaps the most difficult things to procure were authentic, first-century foods.  Here is a list of ingredients and foods they will be taking and preparing:

  • boiled eggs, fried eggs
  • red lentil soup with onions
  • brown lentil soup with garlic and onions and cumin
  • flat bread baked over an open fire or pita from a local shop
  • olives
  • dried apricots, raisins, dates
  • almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts
  • apples, pears
  • cucumbers, cabbage, carrots
  • za’atar (local spice mixed with sesame seeds)
  • simple white salted cheese
  • local wine, watered down (even the Romans did not drink wine without dilution)

If you are in the Galilee during this adventure and would like to eat a meal prepared by Philip and Betsy and join a conversation with them about the day’s hike, here is a schedule of where you can join them:

  • Monday, February 14: 8:30am at Nazareth Village across from the French Hospital for the send off
  • Monday, February 14: 7:00pm at Yarok Az Ecolodge Organic Goat Farm at Ilaniya
  • Tuesday, Feburary 15: 7:00pm at Wadi Hamam below the Cliffs of Arbel
  • Wednesday, February 16, 7:00pm at the Sea of Galilee near Capernaum

Times and locations are subject to change for various unforeseen reasons. For more information and for updates on our projected location on specific parts of the journey, contact Anna or David Landis at info@jesustrail.com.

If you are not in the area but would still like to follow this journey, they plan to journal and blog daily for the websites https://jesustrail.com/blog and http://www.nazarethvillage.com. We will also include video footage, pictures, and interviews along the way.

See you on the trail!