Jesus Trail Guidebook Reviews

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“The Jesus Trail is not just about walking where Jesus walked… but an invitation to explore walking as Jesus walked. If you take the pilgrimage filled with hope and pain, let it make you weep over Jerusalem as Jesus did, and let it stir in you dreams for another world free of walls and conflict… and let it inspire you to begin building that world now — on earth as it is in heaven.”
–Shane Claiborne, author, activist, and fellow pilgrim,

“The guide book is attractive, comprehensive, beautiful and quite helpful for everyone interested in the trail, Galilee or the life and times of Jesus.”
–Dr. Paul Wright, Director of Jerusalem University College

Hiking the Jesus Trail provides outstanding information on not only the Jesus Trail from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee, but guides the hiker back through the Roman occupied and diverse Galilee of Jesus lifetime, through history, and towards understanding. As a professor, I have been using the guidebook as a primary learning resource for my students on the Jesus Trail with excellent results.”
–Dr. Linford Stutzman, Director Biblical Lands Educational Seminars and Service, Eastern Mennonite University, author of Sailing Acts

Hiking the Jesus Trail with this compact and accessible travel guide weds the earthy with the spiritual in a profound way. Emphasizing responsible tourism with photos, maps, historical background, and descriptions of landscapes and of current social-political realities, Dave Landis and Anna Dintaman remind the traveler that “following in the footsteps of Jesus’ has never been a purely abstract exercise.”
–Dr. Reta Halteman Finger, professor of New Testament at Messiah College, author of Of Widows and Meals: Communal Meals in the Book of Acts, Paul and the Roman House Churches: A Simulation, and Roman House Churches for Today: A Practical Guide for Small Groups

My husband and I hiked the basic Jesus Trail (Nazareth to Capernaum) earlier this spring and recommend both the hike and this quality guide to it and other hikes in the Galilee. The layout is stunning, full of photographs and attractive maps. I am especially impressed with the breadth of coverage; in addition to all the practical information for hikers, you will find reflections on how to make your trip a pilgrimage, enough historical and biblical background to help you appreciate the land you are walking through, as well as information on the plants and animals along the way. A pleasure to hold and read, this guide will be indispensable for hikers in the Galilee and fun for armchair hikers as well.

One more thing: In a country where everything–history, geography, culture–is politicized, this guide stays remarkably fair to the competing storylines. The development of the Jesus Trail involves the collaboration of Jews, Christians, and Arabs, and that cooperation is a subtext of the book. The authors sum that up in the introduction, ‘We hope that stereotypes and preconceptions will melt away in the smelting of sweat, tired limbs, conversation and extraordinary encounters with others.'”
–Elizabeth, Lithuania, LCC International University

My wife and I (age 55) just completed Nazareth – Capernaum, and Yardenit – Nazareth. guidebook is indispensable. So well done i have no suggestions to make it better. Although we took the Israel topo map (but i cant read Hebrew) we never needed the topo. Very well done. Jesus Trail handled all accommodations and transfers and did a great job. I recommend them highly.
And we’re Jewish, we loved the trail and meeting all the Christians / Muslims / Jews.
A great trip! go for it!
–Bill, USA

“Hiking the Jesus Trail is an excellent guidebook that is easy to use and filled with practical information. At Summit Adventure we use the book for our Holy Land Course and recommend it to all of our participants not just for the practical information to be used on the trail but also for the great photos and insights into the places along the trail. The book is a must for anyone interested in hiking in the Galilee.”
–Jairemy, USA,

“This book is excellent!! Worth every penny. Thanks! Every Christian planning to visit the Holy Land should own one.
–Lane, Germany

“The book is extremely well done, detailed, a little Hebrew and Arabic (with a travel glossary), full-color, and includes historical and Biblical information for most of the sites visited. They advocate “Responsible Tourism” drawing on the work done by (Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics), and aside from getting to Israel, the hiking can be done fairly economically.”
–Kevin, USA, Trip Leader, Come and Learn to Walk

“The book “Hiking the Jesus Trail” is a complete hiking and backpacking guide to all aspects of this new trail. The authors have extensive experience in backpacking the world over, and bring that knowledge and experience to the book.

The book covers the basic, most symbolically laden trail which involves a four-day walk from the hills of Nazareth down to the shores of the Sea of Galilee, as well as covering a walk to make a large circuit back to Nazareth, and another walk along the ridge above the Jordan Valley, in addition to a further trail going through the central region of the Galilee.

The book is very practical with maps of an overview, further extremely detailed maps of the trails, along with detailed lists of guest houses, camping sites, and thorough public transportation timetables and routes to get the potential hiker or backpacker to and from the Jesus Trail. The book is also lavishly illustrated with color photographs. The illustrations alone make the book worthy to obtain.

The tips and recommendations make this book suitable for a novice as well as for the more experienced hiker.

The book is filled with a goodnatured camaraderie of love and respect for Jews and Arabs one would meet along the way, as well as being sensitive and alive to the beauty of nature in the countryside, and has rich references to biblical culture and history..”
–Kent Allen, Jerusalem