Beit Bracha (the House of Blessing) is a Christian guesthouse near the Sea of Galilee with a peaceful,  prayerful vibe.  Beit Bracha is situated close to many major historical sights, including the Mt. of Beatitudes, Tabgha, and Capernaum.  Single and twin rooms are available, as well as rooms large enough for a family.  Prices are reasonable, and breakfast is included.

Perfectly situated close to the Sea of Galilee, Beit Bracha is a wonderful place to rest at the end of a long day visiting the sights in Northern Israel, or as a retreat center for prayer and meditation.  Sit on the patio and listen to the birds singing and a fountain trickling.  Remember the life of Jesus as you stay right next door to the towns in which he often taught.  Relax in the common room while enjoying table tennis and other games with your family.

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  • Guest kitchen
  • Breakfast included
  • Meals available
  • Laundry
  • Free pickup from nearest town or bus stop
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Free parking

How did you decide to start this place?

There used to be cabins here, then leaders of Israel Trust of the Anglican Churches felt called to build prayer center, and they found this place and named it after a place of prayer: Beit Bracha, or House of Blessing.  It’s an offshoot of CMJ.  Upon building the guesthouse, they quickly found bedrock, and just as Jesus said to build on rock, they drilled into the bedrock and built the guesthouse.  Ted and Linda Walker are the current leaders.

Why are you interested in tourism?

This is a place with a different feel, more alternative tourism if anything.  They are from the slant of Christian groups, as they are a Christian prayer and retreat center.  They want to preserve the atmosphere of prayer and peace, but Israelis are also referred here at times and are welcomed.

What is unique about your guesthouse?

  • Lovely place overlooking sea
  • prayer/retreat center with a very peaceful atmosphere
  • quiet, small
  • volunteers contributing a lot to the place (~8 volunteers)

What else would you like to say or have people know?

  • Book well ahead of time
  • It’s close to Arbel, can hike it
  • strong sense of mission of the place by those who work there, so the service is great
  • not originally made for or geared particularly for backpackers, but it can work