The Arbel Guest House is run by Sarah and Israel Shavit in the small community of Moshav Arbel.  Guests can choose to stay in tasteful private suites (with in-room jacuzzi) or the economic dorm.  The on-site restaurant is one of the best in the region, with the house specialty of leg of lamb casserole.  Relax by the pool or in the pleasant gardens.


  • Meals available
  • Guest kitchen
  • Internet access
  • Free wifi
  • Credit cards accepted
  • Free parking
  • Swimming pool
  • Laundry
  • Free pickup from Tiberias or Hittim Junction

How did you decide to start this place?

We came from a kibbutz to Moshav Arbel in 1975. Our family has always tended sheep, but in 1994 we stopped doing that and started a guest house. We noticed that the guests wanted breakfast and dinner. We built a kitchen and a restaurant. We built a pool. We have a cellar for wine and olive oil. We have a wonderful garden full of fruits and vegetables. We have smaller rooms, as well as suites. Later, we built a dorm for 12 people. We have many Israeli guests, but most come from all over the world. My husband and I do all the work.

Why are you interested in tourism?

People are coming all year. Israelis come on weekends and holidays, but international people come all the time. These people need help. Help with choosing where to go, how to get there, things like. We have a very good location, close to Tiberias, Akko, Golan, Beit She’an, Meggido. Many places important to many religions. We even have some discounts for people who want to visit some of these places. We listen to guests to try to find out the things that would be most interesting to them, and make recommendations. There are so many important things so close to us!

What is unique about your guesthouse/hostel/hotel/B&B?

Our location is what makes us special. We have very good facilities–restaurant, swimming pool, gardens, laundry–many things. My husband is also a licensed tour guide. We are very equipped to help people. It is a big pleasure to help people in this way.

What else would you like say or have people know?

My husband was born five days after the UN declaration that there be a State of Israel. He is named Israel because of that.

My family is from Romania. They were shipped off to Auschwitz, and only my mother survived. I was born in 1946, after the war. Soon after, my family decided to come to Israel. We were on two large ships, but the British stopped the ships from docking in Israel. The boat was diverted, but we were some of the few people able to get through. I am very proud now to have a big family, because that was not something I had when I was growing up.