Tabor Land Guest House is a beautiful Guesthouse located in Kfar Kisch, Lower Galilee.  The Guesthouse is owned and managed by Sarah Yeffit.  Driving along the road to Kfar Kisch,  guests encounter a unique landscape of vineyards, orchards, fields and hills in magnificent colors that change each season. This exquisite scenery leads to Sarah’s homey and welcoming house.  Cozy beds and delicious breakfasts delight the senses and provide a delightful retreat for travelers.

This lovely guesthouse offers 4 double bedrooms, either as dorms, for couples, or for families.  Three bathrooms are available; one is attached to a bedroom.  Enjoy a well-equipped kitchen, beautiful living room, nice dining corner, LCD, TV, DVD player, WiFi, barbeque corner, and lovely gardens.

Overlooking the Sirin Plateau and the Jordanian Gilead Mountains to the east and the beautiful Mount Tabor to the west, the guesthouse is a wonderful place for families, couples, artists, tourists, hikers, and anyone seeking inspiration, beauty, and a feeling of  home.


  • Free WiFi
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Light breakfast
  • Parking
  • Transport from nearest junction or trail

How did you decide to start this place?

I decided to start  Tabor Land Guest House last April as I realized I did not want to be an employee anymore and would like to become my own boss and to make a living out of  things I love.  I looked at the beautiful house in which I live alone at the moment, a house that is located near nature and hiking trails like the Jesus trail and the Israel national trail.  Based on that, I decided to open it to people who need  peace and quiet and a comfortable, welcoming place to stay between hikes, to get inspiration, to create, to gather, for solitude etc.

Why are you interested in tourism?

I worked as a tour guide in Israel for years, showing Israel to Israelies and tourists.  Making people know and love Israel was and still is  an important thing to me.  I have served as a flight attendant for three years and as a person who traveled far both as part of my job as well as privately.  I am familiar with the needs of people who are away from home.

I see the hikers of the Israel trail as they come to the village of Kfar Kisch for the night.  They are happy to get a bath and a smile from the locals.