Hiking the Qadisha Valley on the Lebanon Mountain Trail near Bcharre

The Lebanon Mountain Trail from the northern town Qbaiyat to Marjaayoun in the south provides a pioneer hiking experience. Lebanon’s gorgeous landscape includes mountains, forests, valleys and shorelines. The historical and natural beauty along this developing trail only adds to the welcome extended by villagers who have grown up in this stunning countryside.

Although the trail is in beginning stages and accommodation and blazes are limited, the trail provides excellent adventure and stunning experiences for those who decide to join this fabulous new trek. Sections of the trail range from easy to difficult. Brochures on each of the 26 sections of the trail, in addition to information about guides, accommodations, other hikers, and more, can be found at: http://www.lebanontrail.org.

Trail Facts:

  • 440 Kilometers
  • 26 days to through-hike
  • Guidebook available
  • Accommodation available at end of each day stage
  • Local guides available for all stages