Hiking the southern Turkish coast on the Lycian Way

Along the southern coast of Turkey, the Lycian Way hiking trail network provides safe and enjoyable hiking for those interested in short hikes or for those who want to take 3-4 weeks and hike the whole route. The Lycian Way is an excellent way to enjoy nature and explore historical sites in a land so ancient and so full you can barely move without stumbling across the physical remains of history.

Although the trail is marked, The Lycian Way, Kate Clow’s hiking guide for the trail, is important for any hiker or interested adventurer. The guide contains a map as well as descriptions of each section of the trail. For more information, as well as to buy your own copy of the indispensable hiking guide, visit: http://www.lycianway.com

Trip report and GPS/Google Earth tracks and waypoints

Trail Facts:

  • 500 kilometers
  • 3-4 weeks to through-hike
  • Can be hiked in sections
  • Moderate-Difficult terrain
  • Accommodations are plentiful (and usually include breakfast)
  • GPS track on website
  • Guidebook available