Hiking through the Taurus Mountains of Turkey on the St. Paul Trail

For those interested in a real backcountry experience, the St. Paul Trail in Turkey is the ideal adventure hike. Deep canyons, thick forests, historic sites, ancient villages, and wildlife provide the backdrop for this 500-kilometer hike through the Taurus Mountains, journey that roughly follows the travels of St. Paul.

The hike can be completed in five weeks, and although a hiker may choose to hike alone, the trail runs mostly through land far from modern conveniences. It is advisable to travel with a partner and to be a seasoned hiker. The trail can be hiked in sections but keep in mind that the trail traverses remote countryside. Although the trail is remote, a hiker will find water and food along the way although it is advisable to carry extra at all times. Villagers may not speak English but are very welcoming.

Kate Clow has written St. Paul Trail: Turkey’s Second Long Distance Walking Route as a guide for the trail. The route is marked by red and white blazes, but it is always advisable to buy the book.  Books and maps, as well as other information, can be obtained through the Lycian Way website: http://www.lycianway.com

Trip report and GPS/Google Earth tracks and waypoints

Trail Facts:

  • 500 kilometers with two southern branches joining at the historic site of Adada south of Egirdir
  • 5 weeks
  • Difficult terrain, for serious and experienced backpackers
  • Remote areas mean camping and carrying your own provisions
  • GPS recommended; GPS track on website above
  • Guidebook available