Mini Documentary: Walking the Jesus Trail in First-Century Costume

Betsy and Philip hike the 60km/40mi Jesus Trail attempting to re-create 1st-century life as authentically as possible as they journey. This includes (among other things): eating only foods available in the Galilee in the first century; cooking over fires; traveling the route on foot; sleeping in tents; and wearing first century dress. Watch this mini documentary following their journey from Nazareth to Capernaum.

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Hiker Profiles

How are Jesus Trail hikers experiencing the trail? Watch these video profiles to hear other hikers’ expectations and experiences along the way.

“How to Get There”

Around the Old City of Nazareth

These slideshow videos are for you visual people out there who like to see what you’re looking for.  They’ll keep you from getting lost in Nazareth’s twisting Old City streets.

Guesthouses from the Jesus Trail

These short slideshow videos serve two purposes: to give you a glimpse of the guesthouses you’ll be staying at along the way and to help you get to them from the Jesus Trail.

In Other News

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