"Clean Up the World Day" on the Jesus Trail

Clean up the World Day on the Jesus TrailOn November 9, 2009, international volunteers and hundreds of local school children picked up trash along the Jesus Trail as part of “Clean Up the World Day,” sponsored by the Jewish National Fund.

Middle School students from public schools in Nazareth, Cana and Mash’had thronged the streets of their towns armed with trash bags and gloves to clean up their neighborhoods. International volunteers from the US, Russia, South Africa and Germany participated as well, forging friendships with the enthusiastic and curious children.

Trash is a major environmental problem in Israel, where over 90% of the country’s waste is buried in landfills, which are reaching maximum capacity. Only about 5% of Israel’s waste reaches recycling facilities.

The Jesus Trail and Jewish National Fund plan to make this trash pickup activity a monthly ritual, hoping to instill in these youth a sense of pride in caring for the environment and making the Jesus Trail a clean and pleasant place for locals and international visitors alike.

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Photos: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=124511&id=64330873837&l=47d0467841