Goodwill Walk from Capernaum to Jerusalem Utilizes Jesus Trail and Nativity Trail

Beginning March 15, 2009, a group of four people will be walking through the Holy Land from Capernaum to Jerusalem. They will starting where Jesus based his Ministry, in Capernaum on the Sea Galilee, and travel to Nazareth to Nazareth, where he was brought up. From Nazareth they will continue south through the Palestinian Territories to Jerusalem, the place of his passion & resurrection.

The group is organized by Paul Sullivan of the United Kingdom, who states the purpose of the Goodwill Walk as “bringing people of different backgrounds together by the simple means of walking. The name ‘Goodwill’ was chosen because this is what is needed for people of different backgrounds to get along with each other.”

The route of the Goodwill Walk links the Jesus Trail (pioneered by Maoz Inon, David Landis) which runs from Nazareth to Capernaum with the Nativity Trail, replicating Mary & Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem. In 2000 the Alternative Tour Group re-started the Nativity Trail route traveling to Jerusalem via Jericho. In December 2008 BBC journalist Aleem Maqbool walked the nativity route with a donkey. However, he walked due south from Nazareththrough Ramallah & Jerusalem to Bethlehem.

Follow the group’s progress on their blog at: