Happy New Year from the Jesus Trail Team! – 2010 Reflections and 2011 Goals

2010 has been a big year for the Jesus Trail!  Thanks to all volunteers, friends and supporters of the trail who have helped to spread the word, come to hike the trail and offered words of encouragement.  We stand amazed at the way the Jesus Trail has been able to grow and be a blessing to a wide variety of people.

Highlights of 2010

  • February: We began offering self-guided tours on the trail to provide support and logistics for hikers and generate revenue for continued trail development.  Over 300 people from 17 countries walked the trail on a self-guided tour package in 2010, with an estimate of more than 1000 hikers using the trail in 2010.
  • March: The Jesus Trail Guidebook was published at the peak of the spring hiking season.  We have received great reviews and are currently reprinting more books for 2011.
  • May: Jesus Trail cofounder David Landis and guidebook coauthor Anna Dintaman were married in Virgnia, USA
  • October: The new improved Jesus Trail website was launched, including new public information on GPS tracks for over 300km of trails, comprehensive bus schedules for the Galilee and more in depth practical and historical information on sites in the Galilee

2010 News articles

Goals for 2011

  • Through tour packages and book sales, for Jesus Trail to become financially sustainable, with enough revenue to employ full-time staff and continue to invest in local communities on a larger scale.
  • To clean up garbage problems on the trail and promote environmental education and responsibility in local communities.
  • To welcome as many new hikers to the trail as possible; we anticipate that at least 2,000 will walk a section of the trail.
  • To partner with the global church and in maintaining and promoting the Jesus Trail.
  • To collaborate with university groups to use the Jesus Trail as an education tool.
  • To post weekly blogs on the Jesus Trail website on topics of interest in the region.
  • To build partnerships and connections to other trails in the region, and find ways to extend the Jesus Trail hiking network beyond the Galilee.

What about you? What are your New Year’s goals and resolutions?

Maybe 2011 could be your year of transformational travel! We hope to see you on the trail!