Jesus Trail Press Release: Free Daily Walks Offered on Jesus Trail

For Immediate Release:

Free Daily Walks Offered on Jesus Trail

by Anna Dintaman

December 28, 2008, Nazareth, Israel– The Jesus Trail, a 65-kilometer (40-mile) hiking trail through the Galilee stomping ground of Jesus, will soon be more accessible to hikers and pilgrims hoping to walk where Jesus walked. Starting December 15, volunteers began leading hikers in a free daily walk on the first day of the Jesus Trail itinerary.

Each day hikers will meet at the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth to walk to Zippori National Park and the town of Cana. Zippori NP houses some of the most exquisite Byzantine mosaics in the world, and grants a glimpse into the upper-class world in the Galilee from the time of Jesus up until the Crusader era.

The traditional site of Jesus’ first miracle where he turned water into wine, Kfar Cana, offers several churches commemorating the miracle replete with a massive stone jar thought to be the receptacle for the miraculous wine. And for those unable to make their own wine from water, local stores have ample varieties for sale. Some visitors choose to renew their wedding vows at the Wedding Church of Cana.

Hikers can return to Nazareth via bus or continue on the trail on their own. Overnight home stays are available in the town of Kfar Cana for those continuing on the trail or simply looking for a unique opportunity to experience local culture and food. The tours will be lead by members of a group of American volunteers serving in Nazareth at the Fauzi Azar Inn.

The walk is approximately 18 kilometers (12 miles). Depending on pace and fitness levels, walkers should expect to walk 5-7 hours, not including breaks and time to view the sites. There is a brief steep ascent out of Nazareth, but the rest of the trail is even with good walking surface. The walk is free and open to anyone; Zippori NP has an entrance fee of 18 shekels for Jesus Trail hikers (25% discount), and the bus from Cana to Nazareth costs 6 shekels.


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Maoz Inon

Volunteer Coordinator

The Jesus Trail is a 65-kilometer hiking trail linking sites in the Galilee from the life of Jesus. The trail was initiated in 2007 by Israeli entrepreneur Maoz Inon and American outdoor specialist David Landis. The trail begins in Nazareth and stretches to Capernaum on the northern shore of the Sea of Galilee. An optional return loop passes over Mt. Tabor and returns to Nazareth. GPS data for the trail, as well as other hiking resources, can be found at

The Fauzi Azar Inn is a 200-year-old Arab mansion-turned-guesthouse that offers dorm and private rooms in a unique old world atmosphere. Touted by Lonely Planet 2007 as “one of the highlights of a stay in the Galilee” and a “great base for touring major sites of the Galilee,” the Fauzi Azar offers a laid-back atmosphere where guests and staff can meet to share stories and tips. More info at

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