Mark’s Jesus Trail Hints and Tips

Mark has been a Jesus Trail volunteer for the 2012 spring season, and here are a collection of his hints and tips for walking the trail.

Updated October 2012.

April 2012

  • Leaving Nazareth is a bit tricky because you will be walking in the city where the markings are harder to see. Once you get to the top of Nazareth (past all the stairs and big uphill) you will come to a newly constructed roundabout, where you will turn right along the ridgetop.  In about 10 minutes, you will reach a second roundabout. make sure that you take the second left option at the roundable, not the very first one. The marker on a stone on the inside of the roundabout is a bit faded and sometimes hard to see.
  • After the roundabout follow the road downhill until it turns into a dirt path, make sure to take the detour to the right around the construction, and head towards the traffic light marked on the map to the right at the bottom of the hill near the gas station visible below.
  • After Zippori the trail continues with other trails and is marked as an orange dot. All of the trails keep upwards heading to Mashad.
  • In Mashad the Jesus trail splits from the other trails at the mosque and heads left downhill into the town. After it splits left, stay on the right hand side of the road and look carefully for the marker its faded to a yellow color and is harder to see, which indicates a right turn. (Don’t continue on the Israel trail marked white/blue/orange, which crosses the main road and goes uphill in the direction of Har Yona/Mt. Tabor).
  • After the Catholic Wedding Church in Cana, the trail turns right, and the guesthouse is one minute further down the trail and is on the left hand side.
  • When you reach the Golani junction, there is a lot of construction, and you need to look closely for a building surrounded by a fence and on the fence is the trail marker. If you get lost just head to the road and walk north along it and cross the roads at the cross walk/ traffic light. To pick up the trail, head east along the side of the road (the side with the McDonalds) and you will pass a small gas station after that there is an underpass turn left (heading north) on the trail/ road from the underpass and you will be back on the trail.
  • After you descend from the Horns of Hatin, the trail will put you out onto a paved road. The official looking trail markings will tell you to head right, but follow the spray- painted arrows and dots pointing left that will take you to the entrance of Nebi Shu’eib. A few meters before the Nebi Shu’eib entrance, the trail will cut down the hill on the right, follow it down passed the ruined village and mosque. Continue on the road until you meet back up with the trail where you will want to make sure that you turn left to continue around the valley and on to Arbel.