Nazareth Mountain Bikers Club rides the Jesus Trail

Nazareth Mountain Bikers on the Jesus Trail (Horns of Hattin)Nine riders from the Nazareth Mountain Bikers club recently rode the length of the Jesus Trail, becoming the first group to travel the entire trail by bike. The club organizes weekly rides through Facebook, exploring various regions of the Galilee and Israel. They are happy to answer questions and help travelers with information on mountain biking in the Nazareth area.

The ride shows that it is possible to mountain bike the Jesus Trail route, with only short sections where it is necessary to walk or carry the bike. For a list of these sections, visit the mountain biking thread on the Jesus Trail Forum (see below). The new guidebook will also describe the biking alternatives.

“The only way to define your limits is going beyond them”
– Nazareth Mountain Bikers

View photos from the ride on Jesus Trail’s Facebook page:

Mountain Biking thread on the Jesus Trail Forum:

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