New Jesus Trail GPS Data Available

New Jesus Trail GPS Data Available (v5.0)

Visit to download updated tracks and points for the Nazareth Capernaum route. This GPS file has been updated in March 2015 in response to trail reroutes since the previous version, and follows the Jesus Trail markings for the full route:

  • Leaving the city of Nazareth (J1)
  • Lavi Forest near Golani junction (J3)
  • After Kibbutz Lavi to near Nebi Shueib (J4)
  • Detour around Nebi Shueib (J4)
  • Short new trail avoiding road walking after Wadi Hammam (J7)
  • Nahal Amud to Tabgha via the shore of the Sea of Galilee and Karei Deshe (J7)

It also includes an alternate southern route for part of Day 2/J3 to hike via Ilaniya/Yarok Az (farther away from highway 77, removes the impassible shortcut down from Nebi Shueib, and adds a new guesthouse in Cana (Cana Inn Hostel – Marwa).

Direct download links (right click and “Save Link/File As…”:


March 26, 2015