Trail Updates: Spring 2013

Spring 2012 Trail Updates

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Helpful Jesus Trail Updates:

  1. Leaving Nazareth Old City can be challenging because of the winding streets. Follow the yellow dots and watch carefully for a sharp right turn that will take you up a long staircase. Once you get to the top of Nazareth (past all the stairs and Salesian church), you will come to a traffic circle. Turn right to walk along the ridge-top promenade for about 10 minutes until you reach a second traffic circle, and here make sure that you take the second left, not the first one (p. 69).
  2. Leaving Nazareth: After the roundabout, follow the road downhill to the end of the street. Where the street turns into a dirt path there is a fence. There is a walking entrance on the left side of the fence. Make sure to take the detour from the right side of the construction, and go towards the gas station you can see on the far side of the road. After spotting the gas station, go to the traffic light marked on the map (p. 69).
  3. After Zippori the trail continues with other trails and is marked as an orange dot next to the other trail markings. Follow the trail uphill to Mash’had (p. 75).
  4. In Mash’had at the central mosque, the Jesus Trail splits at a trail junction with the Israel National Trail (marked orange/blue/white) and turns left downhill into town. Soon afterwards it turns right, so it’s helpful to stay on the right hand side of the road and look carefully for the marker (p 75).
  5. After climbing out from Cana, you start walking on a dirt road. Make sure you take a right at the first dirt road split. The marking is there but it is hard to spot.
  6. When you reach the Golani junction, there is a lot of construction going on: After passing the T sign to Yarok Az (Cana in the west, Ilania to the south and Arbel to the east) you will meet road 65. Do not pass it. Take a left and walk beneath the electric lines. You will soon find the trail markings again while walking with the eucalyptus trees and the road to your right. Look for the underpass (tunnel below the road) you will see it when you meet a gravel road that takes left and then right into the underpass (the underpass is big enough to accommodate trucks. After crossing the first underpass, the trail has been rerouted through Lavi forest (see updated map). If you are staying at the Kibbutz Hotel, after crossing the second underpass below 77 road follow the main road into the kibbutz (p. 81).
  7. After descending from the Horns of Hattin, the trail emerges onto a paved road (second, lower road). The official trail markings will tell you to head right. If you wish to enter Nebi She’ub take a left on the second road. It is a good place to fill water (natural spring & fountain) and buy snacks.

Suggested shortcut after Nebi She’ub : A few meters before the entrance to Nebi Sheub the trail will cut downhill to the right. Follow it down past the ruined village and the mosque. Continue on the dirt 4×4 road to meet back up with the marked Jesus Trail. Make sure to turn left to continue to Arbel on the marked trail (p. 91).

*Page numbers refer to pages in the guidebook, Hiking the Jesus Trail.

Printer-friendy PDF versions of the map and text (one A4 page each).

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