Updated Jesus Trail Route v3.0

An updated Jesus Trail route and GPS file (v3.0) is now on the website at: https://jesustrail.com/route-sections-v30.

This route includes the following improvements:

  • Adjustments for the newly blazed orange route from Nazareth to Golani junction
    • More direct route from Nazareth to Zippori with a stoplight crossing of Rt. 79
    • More scenic route from Cana to Golani junction on the top or the ridge with great views to the north and south
    • Increased number of footpaths
  • Full Google Earth files and GPS tracks for the return loop (Arbel, Tiberias, Yardenit, Tel Rekhesh, Mt. Tabor, Mt. Deborah, Mt. Precipice, Nazareth), 76.1km.
  • All GPS tracks are now under 500 points per section for improved compatibility with older GPS units (in response to user feedback)
  • Small route improvements around Cana, Kibbutz Lavi, and the Arbel Valley
  • Increased lodging and transportation options on the route including a great new guesthouse in Cana and camping area at Golani Junction
  • Additional sites in the surrounding area stored as waypoints, which may be used for side trips or to navigate by bike or car. Hiking routes to these sites are in the works…
  • The Jesus Trail route network v3.0 now includes a total of 138.1 km.

April 27, 2009