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Monthly Archives: February, 2011

Day 3: Racing the Rain to the Sea of Galilee

Moshav Arbel to the Sea of Galilee in First-Century Costume The final day of our journey begins early—at 5:30am, with the breaking of the unseen sun. It’s hiding behind clouds, which is the reason we’ve chosen this hour of the morning. We’ve heard the rain’s a-comin’ and it’s a-comin’ hard! We don our dress and […]

Day 2: Roman Roads and Spring Valleys

Ilaniya to Moshav Arbel in First-Century Costume Day two of the hike began with a light rain before dawn but as the sun rose we knew it was going to be a beautiful day.  We ate boiled eggs, bread and cheese, and dried dates for breakfast, then hit the trail.  In a few minutes we […]

Day 1: Valentine’s Day, Jesus Style

Nazareth to Ilaniya in First-Century Costume Valentine’s Day 2011 was a good day. Because they did not celebrate Valentine’s Day in the first century, we did things they might have done on a typical day, like walking, dressing in a head scarf and robe, talking with friends, making a fire, cooking lentils, picking red anemones […]

Preparing for the First-Century Journey at Nazareth Village

Sitting on a dusty rug in a dimly lit stone room, my knees bumped a little girl on one side and her mother on the other. Friends of ours from Nazareth, they had come to experience an evening as our guests. The spread we offered was not what most people consider elaborate, but all who […]

A First-Century Packing List

Mission Update: With the send-off date for the 1st-century Jesus Trail experience (see blog entry from Jan. 21) set for this Monday, Feb. 14, our brave couple, Philip and Betsy, are finishing preparations for the journey ahead. Here they are next to the clothes they will be wearing.  The headpiece, robe, shawl, and staff are […]

From the Jesus Trail to the Israel Trail

I’ve been spending the last month working on various hiking-related things in connection with the Jesus Trail – mapping out new routes for the trail network, starting to lead group hikes with the Galilee Hiking Club, and creating an English translation of the keys to Israel’s hiking maps. Nearly all my backpacking experience has been […]

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