Cleaning the Jesus Trail

The greatest challenge facing the Jesus Trail is garbage. Unregulated dumping outside of towns encroaches on the path in certain areas, leading to an unpleasant (and smelly) walking experience. Besides being inconvenient for hikers, this dumping causes real environmental damage to the ground and water in the Galilee, and can even lead to devastating brush fires such as the fires on Mt. Carmel that left over 40 dead. Most schools in the Galilee do not include any kind of environmental education curriculum, and the problem of littering and unregulated trash dumps threatens to degrade the local environment to intolerable levels. We actively work with local organizations and government offices to ensure the preservation and maintenance of the Jesus Trail. This includes regular cleaning efforts to keep the trail and its surrounding areas clean, safe and accessible for all hikers. We do our best to make sure that the painted trail markers are renewed and updated, and are in permanent contact with the Society for Preservation of Nature in Israel (SPNI) which is the official body responsible for blazing and qualifying of Israeli hiking trails. We are striving to establishing active relations with governing bodies and local influencers of towns and villages along the route, in an attempt to enhance hikers’ experiences, and find various ways in which the Jesus Trail and the flux of tourism it brings can benefit the local communities.