Transportation in most parts of Israel is pretty easy, as the country has a well-developed road infrastructure, and relatively good and reliable public transport.


Most Common Means of Transit

Except private cars, are public buses, that reach almost every destination in Israel, hundreds of them departing daily from the main hubs such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva, and Haifa. Several train lines also connect between the Airport, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as well as between Beer Sheva in the South and Nahariya in the North.

The widest spread bus company in Israel is Egged, covering most of the main destinations; there are also several other, smaller bus companies, servicing mostly large metropolitan areas. Generally, public transportation in Israel doesn’t operate on Shabbat, typically from a few hours before sunset on Friday, until about an hour after sunset on Saturday. Taxis are an exception, and it’s possible to use them anytime, but that option in Israel is pretty costly.

In the North and the Galilee region, there are several local companies, such as Nazarene and GB, servicing areas with mainly arab population, Nazareth included, and their buses usually run on a Saturday. 



The most commonly used app for transportation inside of Israel is MOOVIT, which is reliable, able to plot a course to any destination, with accurate schedules and the option to combine various means of transportation. If you already have the app installed on your device, don’t forget to change the METRO AREA to ISRAEL in the app settings. It’s free to use, but featuring ads, and is available for download from Google Play or Appstore.


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