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Monthly Archives: March, 2011

Backpacker Magazine on the Jesus Trail

The Jesus Trail crew was excited to welcome Backpacker Magazine senior editor Dennis Lewon and acclaimed photographer Jason Florio to the trail this March.  The two came to walk the trail for a story for Backpacker Magazine scheduled to come out in 2012.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the six days of […]

Nazareth’s Old City Souq

No visit to Nazareth is complete without a visit to the Old City Souq (market). Six days a week (Sunday the market becomes still and at rest) the winding streets just below the Fauzi Azar Inn and surrounding the White Mosque are crowded with sellers and buyers, locals and visitors. A visit may reward you […]

Changing Lenses in Cana

One never knows what an adventure will include.  Perhaps that is why we go looking for them.  Often, however, they find us before we are prepared to fully process them.  I find that my imagination and expectations are often too narrow for the fabulous adventures of daily life.  The Jesus Trail provides a framework for […]

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