Press Release: Jesus Trail Launched: New Pilgrimage Hiking Trail Connects Sites from the Life of Jesus


Jesus Trail Launched:
New Pilgrimage Hiking Trail Connects Sites from the Life of Jesus

February 8, 2008— For two millennia Christians have strived to follow Jesus. This struggle just got a little easier with the launch of the Jesus Trail, a 65 kilometer hiking trail in the Galilee region of Israel that allows pilgrims to literally walk where Jesus walked by connecting important sites from his life and ministry. Developed by local hostel owner and tourism developer Maoz Inon and outdoor adventure specialist David Landis, the Jesus Trail offers tourists the unique opportunity to not only see the sites where Jesus lived and ministered, but to travel in the manner of Jesus—by foot.

“Jesus didn’t see this land from atop a tour bus,” said David Landis “he walked this land, got its dust on his feet, felt its breezes and sunshine, saw its views and met its people. By sharing in those experiences that shaped Jesus’ life, we can better understand and experience the message of Jesus.”

The Jesus Trail was designed in the tradition of pilgrimage hiking trails around the world, such as the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain and the Saint Paul Trail in Turkey. The medieval practice of religious pilgrimage has seen a resurgence in recent years, with almost 200,000 hikers on the Camino de Santiago trail in 2004. Increasingly travelers are seeking not just a vacation, but a spiritually transformative journey. “If people are flocking to walk the paths of Jesus’ followers,” said Maoz Inon “imagine the appeal of walking in the footsteps of Jesus himself.”

The trail begins in Nazareth in the Galilee region of northern Israel, the biggest Arab city in Israel today as well as the childhood home of Jesus. From Nazareth the trail leads to the Sea of Galilee by way of Zippori, Cana, the Horns of Hattin, and Arbel Cliffs. Around the Sea of Galilee, the trail connects Tabgha, the church of the Primacy of St. Peter, Capernaum, the Mount of Beatitudes, and Tiberias, returning to Nazareth by way of the Jordan River, Mount Tabor, and Mount Precipice.

The trail can be hiked by way of an organized tour, or hiked independently by downloading GPS coordinates from the Jesus Trail Web site——which also provides links to tour operators and features information on the religious and geographic sites, accommodations and food, and a variety of other resources on hiking the region.


For further details contact:

Maoz Inon


David Landis

Maoz Inon owns the Fauzi Azar Inn in Nazareth and co-founded ILH—Israel Hostels, the only network of independent hostels in Israel. He and his wife Shlomit are experienced hiker and travelers who have hiked extensively in South America, on the Pacific Crest Trail in California, and on the Israel National Trail. His travel experiences and sense of national pride have inspired him to work with tourism development in Israel so that fellow travelers can enjoy and appreciate his native
www.hostel-israel.comDavid Landis is an experienced outdoor adventure specialist whose hiking repertoire includes trails as varied as Everest base camp and other trails in the Himalayas, Camino de Santiago in Spain, the Saint Paul Trail in Turkey, the Inca Trail in Peru, Torres del Paine in Patagonia, the Israel National Trail, and parts of the Appalachian Trail in the Eastern USA. In 2004 he embarked on a round-the-world trip that took him to over 40 countries on four continents. He has also led a group of young adults on a bicycle trip across the continental USA. When he is not traveling or bicycling he works as a web designer and communications expert.

Photo 1: Dusk at Arbel Cliffs – Photo by David Landis

Photo 2: Mount Tabor Entrance – Photo by David Landis

Photo 3: Trail to the Mount of Beatitudes – Photo by David Landis

New photo gallery and resources page

Check out the new and improved photo gallery including photos with greener countryside as a result of the winter rain.

Also, we’ve added a page listing resources relevant to the Jesus Trail. Your feedback is welcome for additional resources to be considered for addition to this list.

Congratulations to Michelle Loewen for winning the Logo Contest with the following design!


Announcing the Jesus Trail Logo Contest – Earn $100

We’re looking for a logo for the Jesus Trail and will pay $100 via PayPal. Submit your design by December 12. Feel free to forward this on to anyone who you feel might be interested.

Shapes and Symbols:

– Should represent something of the first century hiking Jesus: sandals, trails, hills and mountains (Tabor shape), trees (possibly olive), Arbel Cliffs shape, rising sun with rays
– We’d prefer not to have the cross as the symbol, but a subtle cross-related shape could work.
– We would like the logo to be framed in a square with concave sides
– The words “Jesus Trail” could either be integrated into the logo or separately next to/under it

Color ideas:
– dark olive-ish green – trees, flora
– sandy orange – stone, dry dirt, sun
– deep brown/dark red – fresh, wet earth

Submit your image file either by posting it on this event on Facebook or by emailing it to Adobe PSD or AI files preferred. Good luck!