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GPS on the Jesus Trail

gps.jpgGPS (Global Positioning System) hand held devices receive signals from a network of satellites, allows travelers to locate themselves in relation to points on a map and navigate routes by simply following an arrow on the device’s screen.

The Jesus Trail has been mapped using GPS technology, making it possible for anyone to navigate the route.

If you have your own GPS unit, click here to download the GPS files for the Jesus Trail v4.0 (gpx and kmz formats), corresponding to the J stage routes listed and viewed with Google Maps on the ‘Day hikes & stage maps‘ page.  KMZ files downloaded for 3D viewing in Google Earth.

GPS downloads

Download the GPS files for the Jesus Trail v4.0 (gpx and kmz formats).

*Version 4.0 of the Jesus Trail was released on November 13, 2010 and includes an updated track for the Nazareth to Capernaum trail (including the Nebi Shu’eib detour) as well as all GPS files for routes found in the Jesus Trail guidebook.  For Garmin users, you can download the free program BaseCamp to transfer the tracks to your personal GPS device.

Route & Maps

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