Walk in the footsteps of Jesus

What is the Jesus Trail?

The Jesus Trail™ is a 65-kilometer hiking trail in the Galilee region of Israel which connects important sites from the life of Jesus as well as other historical and religious sites. The Jesus Trail™ offers an alternative for travelers and pilgrims to experience the steps of Jesus in a way that is authentic, adventurous and educational by hiking through the rugged and beautiful landscape of the Galilee in Israel. The main Jesus Trail™ route is 65km in length and starts in Nazareth, passing through Zippori National Park, Cana, Ilaniya, Kibbutz Lavi, the Horns of Hattin, Nebi Shu’eib, Arbel National Park, the ancient town of Magdala, the Jesus Boat at Kibbutz Ginosar, Tabgha, the Mount of Beatitudes, and ending in Capernaum.

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Our impact

The trail fosters sustainable eco-tourism, encouraging minimal environmental impact through adherence to Leave No Trace principles, and aiding local economies. The trail combats littering issues, supports community coexistence, and promotes the shared cultural heritage, enriching visitors’ experiences while preserving this unique region.

Sustainable Ecotourism

Cleaning the Jesus Trail

Coexistence Along the Jesus Trail

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Arrival in Nazareth

Check into the 18th-century Fauzi Azar in Nazareth; explore markets, visit nearby historic sites, and enjoy sunset views.

Day 2

Nazareth to Cana

Start with an Arabic breakfast and hike through the Old City to Galilean landscape views. Visit Zippori National Park and Cana


Day 3

Cana to Arbel

Start with a home-cooked breakfast, then shuttle from Cana to Arbel National Park. Explore Wadi Hamam, the Galilean coast, and Capernaum, ending at the Mount of Beatitudes.

Day 1


Check into 18th-century Fauzi Azar mansion; admire hand-painted ceilings, unwind in the courtyard, and enjoy the sunset.

Day 2


Begin with an Arabic breakfast; receive Jesus Trail orientation and personalized hiking plan via email. Explore Nazareth’s Old City, visit key religious sites, and unwind at Fauzi Azar hostel.


Day 3

Nazareth to Cana

Start with an Arabic breakfast and hike through the Old City to Galilean landscape views. Visit Zippori National Park and Cana

Day 4

Cana to Kibbutz Lavi

Start with home-cooked breakfast, then leave Cana, traverse Beit Keshet Forest, follow ancient Roman Roads, likely used by Jesus, to Kibbutz Lavi.

Day 5

Kibbutz Lavi to Moshav Arbel

Leave the hotel, and trail through Kibbutz farm to ‘The Horns of Hattin’ for panoramic views. Visit Nebi Shu’eib, then trek to Moshav Arbel, where rest awaits.

Day 6

Moshav Arbel to Capernaum

Start the final day walking to Mount Arbel National Park. Descend into Wadi Hamam, journey to the Galilean coast, visit Tabgha’s Church, and conclude at Capernaum. 

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