The Problem:
The greatest challenge facing the Jesus Trail is GARBAGE.  Unregulated dumping outside of towns encroaches on the path in certain areas, leading to an unpleasant (and smelly) walking experience.  Besides being inconvenient for hikers, this dumping causes real environmental damage to the ground and water in the Galilee, and can even lead to devastating brush fires such as the fires on Mt. Carmel that left over 40 dead.   Most schools in the Galilee do not include any kind of environmental education curriculum, and the problem of littering and unregulated trash dumps threatens to degrade the local environment to intolerable levels.

What We’ve Been Doing About It:
Cleaning up and maintaining the Jesus Trail is one of our primary goals and concerns.  We have led teams of volunteers in picking up trash along the trail.  We have also participated in “Clean Up the World Day” by leading a trail clean-up day with hundreds of local school children in Nazareth, Meshhed and Cana.

What We Hope to Do in the Future:
In order to tackle the magnitude of the problem, we must address the root cause through grassroots environmental education.  Also, in order to clean the heavy industrial trash, we must hire heavy moving equipment and find alternate regulated landfill areas to deposit the trash.  Finally, the level of disposable trash in the region must be reduced by providing recycling alternatives while encouraging re-use and reduction of disposable trash produced.

We need your help!