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1. What airport should I fly into to hike the Jesus Trail?
2. How do I get to Nazareth?
3. Am I fit enough to hike the Jesus Trail?
4. When is the best time to hike the trail?
5. Are water sources available and how much should I carry?
6. Where can I sleep at night?
7. Footwear and clothing
8. Maps and books
9. Trail Markers and GPS
10. Resupply
11. Which direction should I hike?
12. How long is the trail and how much time do I need to hike it?
Safety in Israel
13. Is it safe to hike the trail and travel in Israel?
14. How much does it cost to travel in Israel? What should I budget for the trail?
15. I’ve walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain and other long-distance pilgrimage routes; How does the Jesus Trail compare?

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