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Latest Updates on Facebook Page

Hi Jesus Trail enthusiasts, Just an update as you prepare for your 2016 hike! We will be posting current information on trail conditions, possible advisories, and any timely updates on our Facebook Page. If you have specific questions, please message us via the Facebook page. Jesus Trail Facebook Page If you’re interested in help setting up a tour […]

New Jesus Trail GPS Data Available

New Jesus Trail GPS Data Available (v5.0) Visit https://jesustrail.com/route-maps/gps to download updated tracks and points for the Nazareth Capernaum route. This GPS file has been updated in March 2015 in response to trail reroutes since the previous version, and follows the Jesus Trail markings for the full route: Leaving the city of Nazareth (J1) Lavi […]

Video of Arbel, Sea of Galilee

“This is some footage and music I put together as I spent some time on the Jesus Trail in the Arbel, Sea of Galilee area in Israel. Most was what I filmed was taken on the alternate valley trail from Arbel, (green trail), instead of hiking up to the Arbel National Park via road and […]

Survey on the Jesus Trail

We are conducting a research on behalf of the Dept. of Geography & Environmental Studies at the University of Haifa, in order to better our understanding regarding the growing trend of hiking trails. We would be very thankful if you could assist us by answering the following questions regarding the Jesus Trail hike. This questionnaire […]

Trail Updates: Spring 2013

 [Click for larger map, printer friendly links at end of post] Helpful Jesus Trail Updates: Leaving Nazareth Old City can be challenging because of the winding streets. Follow the yellow dots and watch carefully for a sharp right turn that will take you up a long staircase. Once you get to the top of Nazareth (past […]

Construction detour leaving Nazareth

There’s still construction on the northern edge of Nazareth, which began in April 2012.  At the edge of Nazareth you will reach a fence. Continue around to the right on the north site of the area, rejoining the marked trail closer to the gas station on road 700 below. The map below was made when […]