Press Release: New Jesus Trail Guidebook Makes Hiking the Galilee Accessible for International Visitors

March 19, 2010— The first guidebook for the Jesus Trail, a 65-kilometer path connecting sites from the life of Jesus in the Galilee, will be released April 1, 2010. In the two years since the trail was launched, thousands of hikers have embarked on all or a portion of the marked trek, even with only the slim resources of a GPS track and Hebrew topographical maps available to guide them.

Hiking the Jesus Trail and Other Biblical Walks in the Galilee provides a welcome addition to Jesus Trail resources, including detailed full-color maps in English, expert advice on backpacking in Israel, thorough information about historical sites, along with hundreds of full-color photos and diagrams.

“I’ve been hiking in Israel for over five years, and almost all of the hiking resources are only available in Hebrew. We want to make hiking in the Galilee accessible for the international community to experience the rich history and warm people of the region in an authentic way,” commented coauthor David Landis.

Hiking the Jesus Trail coauthors Anna Dintaman and David Landis have been involved with trail development from the beginning of the Jesus Trail. Landis cofounded the trail along with Israeli entrepreneur Maoz Inon. Dintaman was involved in resource development and research. Both bring ample experience in international travel and trekking, and their book research included a seminary course on the first-century context of Jesus and walking the entire 500 miles of the Camino de Santiago in Spain. “We’ve tried to create a book that is not only an accurate practical guide but also paints a picture of the world of Jesus,” said coauthor Anna Dintaman.

“This is such a comprehensive guidebook–photos and sidebars and so much more beyond the regular text,” commented New Testament professor Reta Halteman Finger. Jesus Trail cofounder Maoz Inon billed the book as, “hands down the best hiking resource for Israel.”

The guide covers the classic Jesus Trail route and over 220 km of additional trails in the Galilee. The 256-page book is available for pre-order online at and will shortly be available in select book stores in Israel.

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